Reaper for harvesting sunflower CX

Reaper for harvesting sunflower CX

546 670 uah.

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The header for harvesting sunflower CX in a unit with a self-propelled combine harvester is designed for harvesting sunflower in the stage of full ripeness.

Provides high-performance and high-quality work of the combine with the least losses.
In one pass through the field, the combine harvester with the header provides: cutting the tops of the plants, grinding the seeds from the baskets, separating the heap, collecting the peeled seeds in the hopper, chopping the threshed baskets and spreading them across the field.
It is used in all soil and climatic zones of sunflower cultivation in fields with a slope of up to 8 °. The harvester is most effectively used when harvesting sunflower in the full ripeness stage at the optimum harvesting time at speeds of up to 6 km / h on crops with the following main characteristics:
— stem height not more than 230 cm;
— the distance from the ground to the most drooping baskets is at least 60 cm;
— seed moisture from 12 to 20%, basket humidity not more than 60%;
— the weediness of the field must meet accepted technological standards and should not exceed 5%, while the weeds should not impede the normal passage of the technological process;
— the header is designed for operation in fields with a slope of up to 8º at an air temperature of minus 5 to plus 45ºС;
— the fields on which the header works must have a level surface. In the fields there should be no foreign objects (stones, metal objects, etc.).

Header platform: 1) header frame; 2) the right sidewall; 3) the left sidewall; 4) stem lifters; 5) fairing; 6) reel; 7) auger; 8) protective shield.

Cutting apparatus: 1) double finger; 2) segment; 3) the back of the knife; 4) cutting beam; 5) a bolt; 6) nut; 7) guide bar; A) double finger clearance.

Reaping aggregate