We offer to your note the main design features of Veles-Agro disk units :

  • possibility of changing the angle of attack of the working bodies of 16 ° to 24 ° depending on the soil conditions and the complexity of the terrain allows for more efficient conduct of the plow;
  • special-cast steel rack cutting blade - performed separately from the bearing assembly and is connected to it by a figure of the slot, ensuring 100% reliability and maintainability of the bolted joint working body than welded option;
  • reinforced welded frame transport carrier is made of low-alloy steel profile frame 150h140h10 excludes leash and microcracks in the field of welding;
  • spherical disc abrasion resistant boron steel - his life is 3-4 times higher analogues of steel 65G; Outside mount provides fast disk it replaced when worn;
  • outer U-shaped mounting bracket working bodies excludes socket weld sleeve sagging section of the frame and provides a discharge welds;
  • bearing assembly the blade is 100% protected from dust and dirt: screw cover on the outside and inside of the double cuff;
  • rink is able to withstand heavy loads and vibrations through the use of special bearing assembly - no central shaft eliminates clogging;
  • dual wheels with extended base provide additional cornering stability on any road surface and a low load on the wheel;
  • row-spacing adjustment disc plow, moving back row titles in the transverse direction provides quality tillage with a minimum height of the ridges on the bottom of the furrow in zone A and B, while working in the fields with various properties of the soil.

The result - excellent processing properties of different soils under different weather conditions.

Design advantages Veles agro, mount the disk harrow