GRS 2 Subsoiler

GRS 2 Subsoiler

278 330 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

GRS 2 subsoiler is designed for loosening the soil by moldboard backgrounds and deepening of the arable layer, subsurface processing it instead of autumn and spring plowing, deep ripping on the slopes and fallow fields.

Device for the surface treatment of the soil is used during seedbed preparation in the spring and in the main treatment for winter crops in the fall, grain stubble, and after the harvest of other crops, including long stem plants after preliminary peeling by disc guns. Device performs additional loosening of topsoil, leveling the surface of the field and partial crushing of long stem plant residues.
Deep loosening is an important technological operation in the system of subsurface, allowing to lose the treated layer loosen and break the compacted lower layers (plow sole), increase the power of the root layer, to improve air, water and soil thermal regimes, activate biological processes, accumulate soil moisture, avoid water and wind erosion.
Deep tillers are more productive and less powerful, provide a reduction of labor costs and fuel consumption per hectare, increasing the yield of cultivated crops.