GRS 3 Subsoiler

GR 3 Subsoiler of Veles-Agro

331 670 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

GRS Subsoiler is designed for loosening soil and subsurface depleted backgrounds with the deepening of the plow horizon, moldboard tillage instead of autumn and spring plowing and subsoiling on the slopes and fallow fields.
Subsoiler is used during seedbed preparation in the spring and in the main treatment for winter crops in the fall, stubble cereals and other crops after harvesting, including long stem after preliminary peeling of disk tools.
Subsoiler performs additional crushing topsoil, leveling the field surface and partial crushing of long stem plant residues. The system of moldboard deep tillage (para plowing) is an important process step, allowing the processed loosen compacted layer and destroy the lower horizons (plowing sole), increase the power of the root layer, to improve air, water and soil thermal regimes intensify biological processes, accumulate soil moisture warn water and wind erosion.
GRS 3 Subsoiler is more efficient and less energy-intensive, can reduce the cost of labor and fuel consumption per hectare, higher yields of crops.

The deep ripper is designed to lift all the soil through the full working depth of the ripper, this is because of the design of the tines, completely breaking any hard pans caused by previous cultivation and field traffic.

The machine is equipped with shear-bolt protection to the tines, these tines are 32 mm thick mounted to a massive frame of 150 mm X 100 mm X 10 mm RHS mounted on the rear is a large, spiked roller to crush clods and to level the surface.

Result 5 days of last weeks trial with the GRS 3 Subsoiler.:

Обработка почвы глубокорыхлителем ГР-3 велес-агро Австралия

You can definitely see from this photo, that all the soil is moved not just where the tines run.