GRS 2 Subsoiler with fertilizers

GR 2 Subsoiler with fertilizers

295 000 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

Рабочие органы глубокорыхлителя ГР с внесением удобренийРабочий орган глубокорыхлителя ГР с функцией внесения удобрений Велес-Агро

By popular demand of customers «Veles-Agro», our team has developed an additional feature of subsoil configuration, system of deep fertilizer application during soil processing.

This feature allows to apply the granular fertilizers with adjustable planting depth 250‒400mm. This allows to treat the plants, in the middle phase of its development, to develop the root system in the depth of the fertilizer.

Surface fertilization at a depth of 50‒150 mm.develops root system of plants only in the surface layer ;during the drought season, the moisture evaporates from this layer, and the plants do not get the nutrition needed for normal growth and development.

When fertilizing Chisel, the root system of plants is developing at a depth of 250‒400mm., which allows them to carry a lot better during drought because at that depth moisture is retained longer.