Constructive dignity of disk units

15 may 2010

Aggregates disc tillage series AGN and TD Veles-Agro favorably with similar tools from other manufacturers several advantages:

1. Multi-purpose transport vehicle (carriage) with universal connection element allows the use of different tillers depending upon the manufacturing operation.

2. Special-cast steel rack cutting blade — eliminates welded seams to cut and makes it durable and reliable — performed separately from the bearing assembly and is connected by means of figure groove provides 100% reliability and maintainability of the bolted joint working body than welded version.

3. Ability to change the angle of attack of the working bodies of 16 ° to 24 ° depending on the soil conditions and the complexity of the terrain allows for more efficient conduct of the arable.

4. The bearing assembly of the cutting disc is 100% protected from dust and dirt: screw cover on the outside and a sixfold cartridge seal (Germany) from the inside.

5. Outside mount provides fast disk it replaced when worn.

6. Strong welded frame of the transport carrier is made of low-alloy steel profile frame 150x140h10 excludes leash and microcracks in the field of welding.

7. Outside U-shaped mounting bracket working bodies excludes socket weld sleeve sagging section of the frame and provides a discharge welds.

8. Spherical disk of boron steel — a resource is 1.5?2 times higher analogues.

9.The skating rink is able to withstand heavy loads and vibrations through the use of special bearing assembly — no central shaft eliminates clogging.

10. Setting the height-adjustable support wheel provides stepless working depth of 8 to 20 cm and reducing the draft resistance of not less than 10%.

design of mounting disc harrows from Veles Agro