Design features of disk units AGN series (part 3)

15 may 2010

Braves point load 86 kg, which is the highest standard load, providing a constant depth of tillage, which helps ravnomernomernosti moisture content in the soil, thereby improving early germination and seed germination.

working body of the cultivator, cultivator claw assembly of John DeereWorking depth gradually varies from 8 to 20 cm.

Even at high speed field remains smooth and perfectly mixed straw over the entire working width

The skating rink is able to withstand heavy loads and vibrations. Provides high reliability and durability

rink Harrows Veles Agro semihinged AGN

Separate infinitely variable depth. Ability tillage under any conditions on any field

Lack of a central shaft gives the possibility of cloggingVal Harrows Veles Agro semihinged AGN