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1 august 2012

Due to the use of SZM «Nika-4» series mechanical grain drills in domestic households was increased quality of sowing and revenues from obtained yield.

Victor Plakhotny

«Veles-Agro LTD.» deputy business manager:

Today, perhaps, not a single farm, which would not have to think about how to organize activities to reduce material and time costs, improve production results. Indeed, the age of high speeds and new technologies dictates farmers its own rules, without accepting them, you can lose. Constant rise in price of fuel, changes in cropping technology, reduction of sowing terms and the high level of competition in the agricultural market demand from farmers to solve this issue immediately. However, no matter how difficult, at first sight, was this problem, it’s quite simply to solve it by using properly chosen machinery.

The market offers huge variety of agricultural machinery, but considerable part consists from units of foreign production, which are expensive. At the same time, the domestic producer is also working on the development of products for the market. One of the companies, the fastest growing in the sector, is «Veles-Agro LTD.», which over 15 years in the markets of Ukraine, CIS, Baltic States and Eastern Europe has proved that it is a reliable partner of the farmers, which takes care about the interests of their clients.

In agribusiness, there are no secondary moments and one of the key success factors is the sowing quality. Realizing this and have meticulously analyzed the situation in the agricultural market, specialists of «Veles-Agro Ltd.» developed a series of mechanical grain drills SZM «Nika-4» with a working width of 4 m and SZM «Nika-6» — 6 m.
«Nika-4/6» mechanical grain drills — a new word in the agroindustrial sector of Ukraine. In addition to an affordable price, which by the way, is several times lower than similar offers of foreign manufacturers, they have a considerable list of benefits aimed at increasing yields with minimal financial and time costs.

These models are suitable for row sowing of grain and legume crops, herbs, vegetables and grass mixtures after the traditional and minimal (Mini-Till) tillage. This is a big plus in this series, because many households have moved away from the classical treatment of the soil, and there are no so much equipment working on technology Mini-Till.
Depending on the type of culture these drills allow to sow seed in the flow range of 6 to 450 kg / ha, using a system of small grain seed — from 0.5 to 80 kg / ha. It is easy to install the desired seeding rate in these models to prevent unsustainable outgoing of seeds and saves material resources. Sowing depth is also adjustable from 10 to 89 mm, depending on needs, thereby providing uniformity of germination.

SZM «Nika-4/6» grain drill is equipped with a tanker and sowing device for granular fertilizer application with the seeding rate from 25 to 250 kg / ha. Talking about the advantages of such equipment is not required, since each landowner understands how much time and money will save him sowing with simultaneous application of fertilizers. Also, reloads quantity was significantly reduced due to large-capacity tankers for seed and fertilizer. According to data obtained from farmers — owners of these drills, thanks tanker capacity, daily sowing area was increased by an average of 4 ha.

«Veles-Agro LTD» specialists of engineering and design group conducted research that consisted both from independent tests of SZM «Nika-4/6» grain drills, which took place in the fields of «Progress» farm in Balta district of Odessa region, and in collecting data from the fields of farmers, that were using these drills. The studies found that the application of this technique has increased yield of crops by an average of 20%, which in most cases, have provided a payback of drills in the first season.
So, taking to account all the data and feedback on the «Nika» series SZM grain drills from «Veles-Agro LTD» company, you can safely say that they have perfectly coped with their tasks and help their owners to increase productivity at minimum costs.

Sergey Marinin

Head of the laboratory of UkrTsVT named after L. Pogorely:

Tests of SZM "Nika-4/6"drills have been going on for the second year in our institute, and the overall impression is the best. But the new product had some design flaws, but the manufacturer made improvements very quickly. Therefore, this grain drill seeded wheat, barley, peas and buckwheat well and efficiently. Switching from culture to culture is fast and easy — in terms of tables used for grain drills. There was no drawdown thanks to its design features, even in the dry ground, where grain drill was working.
Technologically, aggregate is made very well: self-cleaning double disc coulter, springs give extra effort to the rink during the planting season, packer roller provides excellent results. This drill can sow on the plowed soil, deeply loosening soil and at minimal technology.
Another important feature of the drill is its adaptability to the «Veles-Agro» disk header, which provides simultaneous aggregation and subsequent work with them.

Sergey Levchuk

Head of JV «Znamya» (Zaporozhye region):

We have purchased this drill last year and are quite happy with its work. We are using it in aggregation with MTZ-892 tractor, which easily cope with it. It was used on two spring sowing campaigns and one autumn. We sowed 20?25 hectares per day. We liked it in sowing of winter crops. And we used this grain drill on plowing, at the lowest technology. For settings of seeding accuracy it corresponds to the declared parameters. For our farm, it is optimal.

Nikolay Grinchuk

Agronome of LLC «Dniester» (Odessa region.):

We are using this grain drill for the second year and see both its benefits and drawbacks. Manufacturer made further development of technique — an apparatus for applying fertilizers is now working normally. Although in general we have a good impression — «price / quality» ratio is fully justified. It works well on the sowing of winter crops (even during the last year’s drought perfectly sowed and provided good harvest of wheat, especially compared to other units), and fertilization. Its discs provide excellent quality of seeding and fertilizer application. All repairs on this drill were minimal — only replaced one bearing.