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Unit for preparation of liquid concentrated fertilizers

Unit for preparation of liquid concentrated fertilizers

240 830 uah.

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Unit for the preparation of liquid concentrated fertilizers

The principle of operation of the unit is based on the hydrodynamic dissolution of dry substances with a solution with a minimum concentration. Fertilizers are fed into the reactor by a screw conveyor with a fine mesh built into the bottom of the reactor. Due to the constant turbulence of the fluid flow, the solution is washed out. The supply of dry fertilizers is regulated by the frequency converter of the engine speed.
The solution is circulated by a pump made of high quality alloy steel. If necessary, the pump can perform the functions of filling the tank with water or for pumping finished products. The choice of mode is carried out using valves. Filters are provided for filling and shipment of the finished product.

Benefits of Using Liquid Fertilizer

The main advantage of liquid fertilizer application is that the minimum nitrogen loss does not exceed 10%, while 30‒40% of nitrogen is lost when the same amount of granular fertilizer is applied. The introduction of fertilizers in the liquid state has many positive technological aspects, namely:

  • uniform placement in the introduced horizon or on the leaves of plants
  • the possibility of using additional trace elements necessary in these soils in the solution
  • combination of fertilizer with pesticides
  • conducting both root nutrition and leaf nutrition, depending on the stage of plant growth
  • better plant absorption of fertilizers at low temperatures

Units for the preparation of liquid concentrated fertilizers and universal tanks