KRONOS 5 Compact disc harrow with knife rollers

KRONOS 5 Compact disc harrow with knife rollers

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KRONOS 5 Compact disc harrow with knife rollers

In the front, the KRONOS disc harrow is additionally equipped with a special knife roller, as well as models of the rear rollers in the «360» mode are available link :

VELES AGRO has developed a unique knife roller that is available as an option for the KRONOS disk harrows with a working width of 4, 5, 6, 8 and 11 meters. The skating rink is installed at the front of the discs, it grinds the plant remains in the transverse direction, and the aggregate drives in the longitudinal direction. The main purpose is the crushing of stubble coarsely stemmed residues such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed. Depth adjustment is carried out by the hydraulic cylinder, and the collar washers allow precise fixing in the selected position.

The knives themselves are made of hardened, wear-resistant, specialized steel, which undergoes a multistage complex thermomechanical treatment. They have two-sided grinding to extend the service life (when worn, the knife unfolds 180 degrees and the service life is doubled, compared with the classic method of fastening). The racks on which the roller rests are attached to the frame structure through damping shock absorbers to prevent the impact of vibration and shock loads.

As an option for better copying of the terrain, the skating rink can be equipped with hydraulic compressors for more accurate and smooth copying of the relief.

If you change the field, if you do not need a roller, you do not need to remove it, or you can deactivate it by lifting it up.

VELES AGRO expands its range of products, now the line of short compact disk harrows. KRONOS with a machine with a width of 4, 5, 6, 8 and 11 meters, which can be equipped with a knife roller. The units are now available in both trailed and hinged versions.

This disc harrow has a wide range of applications, spreading the crops, cereals and tilled coarse stalk cultures, small and medium depth cultivation of the soil. Due to some design features: spaced distance between the discs, shock-absorbing tools that copy the relief, uniform depth of processing, even seedbed, quality grinding compared to others. Thus, KRONOS can deservedly be considered a powerful universal machine, which has no analogues to date.

Due to the specially designed and patented fastening of two discs on one rack, the remote distance between disks up to 220 mm without clogging, the wide bracket for special damping dampers positively affects the quality of the treated surface. The working body is fixed to the powerful frame through four special damping shock absorbers that allow the relief to be copied, thereby achieving the same depth of machining over the entire working width, also they help to suppress shock loads on the frame structure, due to which the reliability of the unit goes to a qualitatively new level.
Individual suspension of the discs provides an ideal adaptation to the relief surface and the optimal passage of the treated soil together with the plant remains. The working member of the KRONOS disc harrow has four damping segments that can be smoothly deflected, this fastening of the tool allows adapting to a diverse field relief and facilitates perfect terrain copying and uniform processing quality.

The disks of the working element are mounted on a rack made of specialized steel, which undergoes a multistage complex thermomechanical treatment. Quality solutions that can be used in various countries of the world. The refusal of the classic Litol-24 lubricant in favor of a new multi-component grease that refills the hulls makes it possible to extend the life of each unit even under the most severe conditions.

Bearing unit — maintenance-free!

Disc harrows of the KRONOS range have four types of working equipment. The units can be equipped with any of the proposed drive options.

1 — wavy turbo disk due to its complex spiral shape and swirling wave form of the tooth in three directions has a larger contact spot with the soil, due to this, the soil crumbles even better in severe, arid conditions. This disk better mixes stubble residues with the soil, has better chipping due to its geometry. Despite the round form of slipping exceptions due to the presence of a transverse tooth profile of the disc.
2 — a disk with 10 large notches, accessible for penetration into the soil, cuts and crushes roughly coarse stem cultures such as canola, corn, sunflower and others.
3 — a disc with a small tooth is well able to handle coarse stalk cultures such as canola, corn, sunflower and others, while maintaining a flat seed bed. Small cutouts contribute to high-quality work even with minimal depth of processing.
4 — a smooth disk is a classic solution for a disk grinder, has the same wear along the entire length of the working edge.

The semi-axle body is securely fastened with a nut and a lock nut, in addition to which a locking plate is placed, which eliminates the possibility of unwinding.

VELES AGRO has expanded the range of rollers for the KRONOS disk harrow line, so that each customer can choose the equipment he needs for maximum quality and efficiency.

Models of the rear rollers in the «360» mode are available by reference.

The skating rinks have a unique fixing system — each casing is equipped with a special damping device to protect the bearings from the vibrational and shock loads experienced by the rink in operation, which allows to significantly extend the service life of the hulls.
Adjustment of depth of processing is made hydraulically by means of hydraulic cylinders of a skating rink. Folding washers ensure accurate fixation in the selected position.

Wedge roller (installed on KRONOS disc harrows as standard)

To ensure the reliability of the frame structure, the KRONOS disc harrows are equipped with a hydro-active mechanism on the transport hydraulic cylinder, it contributes to the damping of shock and vibration loads that arise during transportation of the unit along public roads.

The KRONOS disc grinders are equipped with all the necessary means for safety and security, which eliminates the possibility of operator error and overfilling of the unit.
Also, the KRONOS discs are equipped with side shields that prevent the soil from being thrown onto the untreated surface and prevent the formation of ridges between the aisles. Shields have an extensive control system, both in height and in the longitudinal direction. As an option, side discs «fans» can be installed, which smooth the joints between adjacent passages.
For smooth adjustment of the traction line and precise adjustment of the unit for specific conditions, the upper brace of the trailer has a screw adjustment.

KRONOS disc harrows are equipped with front and rear signal panels, signal lights for comfortable and safe transportation.
For a comfortable and safe transportation, the KRONOS discs can be folded up to three meters in width and less than 4 meters in height, which meets all European standards.
For a precise adjustment of the wings in a fixed position, a screw stop is provided.
Now, disc harrows are available not only in trailed version, but also in hinged.

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