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The compact disc harrows of the KRONOS series are designed for high-quality surface and pre-sowing tillage. Tandem disk working bodies, mounted on the frame through rubber shock absorbers, provide loosening of the soil with low energy consumption and reduce dynamic loads on the bearing units. Disks are installed at a distance of 220 mm (110 mm in the wake) with an angle of attack of 17 degrees, which ensures complete cutting of plant debris and soil. Re-compaction of the surface and the loosened soil layer is carried out by the roller. The mechanism for copying the surface of the field relief is based on the roller, which guarantees stability in compliance with the specified processing depth over the entire width of the machine. The implementation of surface tillage with a compact disc harrow ensures the preservation of moisture in the upper layers, protects the soil from unproductive losses; creates a favorable soil environment for the germination of weed seeds and the development of microflora; accelerates the processes of decay of plant residues and preservation of soil fertility. When peeling stubble of cereals in one pass of the unit, the state of the soil is provided that meets the requirements for this operation in modern agricultural technologies. The stability and uniformity of the bottom of the treatment allows KRONOS to be recommended for pre-sowing cultivation.

Disks of the working body are mounted on a rack made of specialized steel, which undergoes multi-stage complex thermomechanical processing. The hub of the working body consists of two ball, double-row angular contact bearings 3209, which have two-stage protection: the outer labyrinth seal protects against environmental influences, and the Italian cassette seal CORTECO reliably prevents contaminants from entering the bearings. The rejection of the classic Litol-24 grease in favor of a new grease with a multi-component grease, which is used to refuel the housings, allows extending the service life of each unit even in the most severe conditions.

Compact disc harrows