«Field Day» at the OPH «Pokrovsky» with.Marinovka

10 march 2010

March 11, 2009 on the basis of OPH «Pokrovsky» with. Marinovka Belaiev district of Odessa region was National Field Day.

борона дисковая  комбинированная АГК Велес Агро Борона дисковая полунавесная Велес Агро

Organizers of the «Field Day» acted Odessa regional administration. In the «Field Day» participated enterprises Odessa area. Chiefs, chief engineer of district departments of agricultural development and farm director attended the event. «Field Day» was covered by journalists, local TV broadcasting channels held at Odessa. Technique could be studied, as well as look at the work willingly exhibitors showed their units in the process.

Company Veles-Agro presented their products at the «Field Day»: AGN-tillage units 6.3 and its new modification of the combined aggregate Cultivating semihinged AGN-6.3?01, disk units series PD: PD-1.8, PD-2.5, PD-3.3, so were presented with traditional moldboard plow attachments trёhkorpusnye PNV-3?35 with Skimmers and skimmers pyatikorpusny hinged PNV-5?35, as well as the cultivator of CNG-4. During the «Field Day», our company has demonstrated in the semi-mounted unit Cultivating AGN-6.3, as well as the plow disc PD-3.3.