XXI International exhibition «Agro-2009» in Kiev

5 may 2009

From 11 to 14 June in the city of Kiev, the XXI International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair «AGRO-2009». The organizers of the fairs were: the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences. Participated in the fair to countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, the United States (Texas), China, South Korea.

The exhibition «Agro-2009» were presented to agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts, livestock, fisheries, seeds and seedlings, and others.

The company «Veles-Agro» has introduced a wide range of tillers. Tillage equipment was presented a multipurpose unit AGN-6.3 and its new modifications AGN-6.3?01, 6.3?02-AGN, AGN-6.3?03, as well as new products of our company units and 4.2 AGN-AGN-4.2?04. Disk units were presented next disc plows series PD: PD-1.8, PD-2.2, PD-2.5, PD-3.3. The most interesting offer our company has become a combined aggregate Cultivating semihinged AGK-5.8, consisting of circular sections and cultivating working bodies.

Units Series AGN and PD favorably with similar tools from other manufacturers several advantages, among them:-cast steel rack cutting disk, the ability to change the angle of attack of the working bodies, the new bearing assembly the blade is 100% protected from dust and dirt, stepless adjustment of the cutting depth soil.

The exhibition showcased the traditional moldboard plow attachments trёhkorpusnye PNV-3?35 with Skimmers and skimmers pyatikorpusny hinged PNV-5?35, as well as the cultivator of KPG-4.

Our company produces a wide range of spare parts for plows, harrows, cultivators, harvesters. Along with the old sample of spare parts, in this season of «Veles-Agro Ltd.» Has started production of new parts as to domestic and to imported technology, made from high-strength boron steel. If 65G steel has a hardness of HRC 38?44 pcs., The boron steel has a hardness of HRC 49?52 units., Which increases the durability of the product. Just this year, our company has expanded its range of disc harrows to which were also presented at the exhibition.

Exhibition visitors showed great interest in the production of «Veles-Agro Ltd.», From their side, it was noted that all products are made ??by very high quality, we quickly and adequately respond to all the changes and needs of the market and, in conjunction with reasonable pricing policy makes cooperation with «Veles-Agro» reliable and mutually beneficial.