Disk unit AGN-4,2 without rollers

31 march 2014

Video: Disc Tillage machines AGN-4.2. Plowing disk semi-mounted unit AGN-4,2 without rollers, watch the video.

Description: Disc Tillage machines semihinged AGN-4.2 is designed to prepare the soil for sowing cereals and industrial crops by loosening the surface of the disk field at a given depth with a resistivity of soil to 0.9 kgf / cm², the hardness of 35 kgf / cm² (3.5 MPa) and a humidity of 27%.

Design features units AGN:

  • adjustable between adjacent disks heritage provides the minimum height of the ridges on the bottom of the furrow and uniformity depth of processing;
  • Adjustable angle of attack drives;
  • convenient system bearing replacement;
  • drive from wear-resistant boron steel;
  • stepless adjustment of the cutting depth.