Mechanical seeder Grain SZM Nika-4

28 march 2014

Video: Mechanical seeder Grain SZM Nika-4. Grain crops planter Nika-4 technology Mini-Till watch videos.

Description: Seeder minimum seeding technology (Mini-Till) SZM «Nika-4». Universal drill is at the lowest cost of labor in the migration rules and drilling depth, provides a first-class sowing a wide range of crops.
The Company «Veles Agro»has developed a new series of grain drills SZM, with working widths — 4 and 6 m. Reel dispensing system for seeding in planters SPM series improved with the use of innovative methods of surface treatment of parts and the use of high-strength and wear-resistant components in their manufacture.
For the formation of the seed bed, we used a construction displaced disc coulter placement, also prevents it from clogging stones.
The first disc cuts a straight line sowing cuts parnevnye residues, and the second loosens the soil and prepare the seedbed.
The desired depth of seeding is achieved clamping mechanism springs that allow the opener mechanism, copy the surface of the sown area. Packer wheel for safety shoe, management maintains a clear seeding depth.
For aggregation drills with different types, provided the tractor attachments, or tow execution, and longitudinal transport option allows you to carry the drill SZM on public roads.

Specifications drills SZM «Nika-4»:

  • Type drills — hinged / trailer;
  • Working width (m) — 4;
  • Transport width (m) — 5.2/2.5;
  • Number of openers (pc) — 26;
  • Row spacing (cm) — 15.24/17.0;
  • Coulter pressure on the soil (kg) — 80?120;
  • Hopper capacity for grain (l) — 920;
  • Fertilizer hopper capacity (l) — 350;
  • Grass hopper capacity (l) — 120;
  • The depth of seeding (mm) — 10?89;
  • Seeding rate of grain (kg/ha) — 6,0?400;
  • Seeding rate of grass hopper (kg/ha) — 1,0?80;
  • Seeding rate of fertilizers (kg/ha) — 25?250;
  • Performance (ha/h) — 2,5?4,0;
  • Weight drills (kg) — 1450/1900;
  • Weight with filled hopper (kg) — 2600/3000;
  • Required tractor power (hp) — 82?105.