Veles-Agro Products Odessa. Comparison with competitors edition.

8 may 2014

Video: Products manufacturing company «Veles-Agro» is made of durable boron steel, comparison with competitors video.Description: The anemic counterfeit products on the production company «Veles-Agro LTD.» Odessa (claw cultivator Ploughshares, disc harrows).

Do not fall for the fake, select only the original product of «Veles-Agro» from the manufacturer, confirm the quality of manufacturing spare parts from wear-resistant boron steel.

Order original Tillage equipment (drills, disc harrows, plows dumping, as well as spare parts for seeders, disc harrow and moldboard plow) you can on the official website of the manufacturer: or by calling the phone number:

  • +380 48 716 14 19;
  • +380 48 716 14 20;
  • +380 50 441 06 68.