22 january 2021

Universal soil protection, moisture and energy saving technology is a completely new approach to the cultivation of agricultural products for our agricultural production.

This is the use of several tillage technologies, combined into a common complex, which in difficult weather conditions enables farmers not only to work, but also to show trends in the development of this industry, which plays a key role in the development and stability of our economy.

In order to reach some understanding, the leading specialists of the plant, together with agrarians from all regions of Ukraine, worked and came to a common opinion regarding the technology, which is currently being implemented in practical application and includes:

— Verti-till — vertical tillage

— Strip-till — strip tillage

— Vulkan — injection liquid fertilization

— Mortar unit for improving the UAN based on the results of soil analysis

At first glance, this is not such a complicated technology — I purchased equipment and units, equipped it with a satellite driving system and the result was achieved, but as practice shows, this is far from perfect. Taking into account the real state of the soil, weather climatic conditions and the consequences of previous processing, in order to introduce this technology into life, you need to perform a number of measures and involve a whole range of units.

And the most important thing is to get advice and technical support from practitioners and specialists of the plant on the application of this complex in practice.

There will be mistakes in the transition to something new, but such "mistakes” in agriculture can exceed all the predicted savings and benefits that technology will bring!