Design features of AGN series disk aggregates (Part 2)

15 may 2010

Stilt molded by precision cast method, adjustable

The working body with a disk drive assembly unit AGN Veles Agro

Ability to change the attack angle of the working bodies of 16 ° to 24 °, depending on the soil conditions and the complexity of the terrain, makes conduct of the cultivating more efficient

Molded steel stilt of the working body is separate from the bearing assembly, that are connected by a figure groove, which increases the reliability and maintainability of the working body, 100% protection against bolts cutoff.

Boron steel disc, resource is 2.5 times higher than 65G steel analogues.

Fixing the working body disc harrows Veles Agro

-U-shaped mount — unload welds;

-The absence of welding stresses — production technology

podship1Protection against dust bearing disc harrows Veles Agro

High speed operation, 100% protection against dust

-A screw cover provides optimum bearing protection from outside dust and moisture, and inside — a sixfold cassette seal (Made in Germany).

-Multiple using.