ZEUS HD Universal disk harrow (Semi-mounted)

ZEUS HD Universal disk harrow (Semi-mounted) Veles Agro

2 731 000 uah.

*There is a state compensation program of 25%. The price is valid on the territory of Ukraine.

ZEUS HD Universal disk harrow is specifically designed to work in harsh conditions: the presence of crop residues, soil compaction, the dry season, etc.

The working tools of the unit, allocated to four rows, are attached to the frames’ supporting beams by the rubber absorbers, which allow the working tool to make minor oscillations in the amplitude, thus simultaneously performing deeper soil penetration and disc cleaning.

Two tandem, maintenance — free working tools are fixed on the working counter by checkerboard order and their allocation in four rows leads to free soil mixing, avoiding the units сhoking; the self-cleaning roller with vibrating plates perfectly aligns the surface of the field after the discs passage.

This disc harrow has a wide range of applications, covering the processing of stubble, cereals and tilled coarse-grains, medium deep and deep (up to 23 cm) tillage. And also the cutting of perennial grasses and deposits. Thus, ZEUS HD can be deservedly considered a powerful universal machine, which has no analogues to date.

Due to the chess arrangement of the tandem working tools, the patency of stubble residues and the stability of the aggregate to blockage increased, even on heavy soils with a lot of vegetation. On the ZEUS HD unit, the soil is not retained between adjacent discs as in a conventional disc harrow, which significantly reduces energy costs for harrow passage. The working body is fixed to the powerful frame by means of special damping shock absorbers, which make it possible to optimally copy the relief and extinguish impact loads on the frame structure, due to which the reliability of the unit reaches a qualitatively new level.

The technology of soil cultivation with the units of the ZEUS HD line introduces a new principle of soil displacement during processing. The specially designed and patented tandem arrangement of the discs prevents the clamping of the earth between the discs, thereby increasing the penetrating ability and quality of processing. And the spacing of the working elements into 4 rows increases the shearing effect, since each subsequent row of discs requires less energy.

The disks of the working element are mounted on a rack made of specialized steel, which undergoes a multistage complex thermomechanical treatment. The hub of the operating body consists of two ball bearings, two-row radial-thrust bearings, which have a two-stage protection: the outer labyrinth seal protects from the effects of the external environment, and the cassette seal reliably prevents the ingress of contaminants into the bearings. The refusal of the classic Litol-24 lubricant in favor of a new multi-component grease that refills the casing allows to extend the life of each unit even under the most difficult conditions.

The depth adjustment is done hydraulically with the help of 2 support wheels in front and the hydraulic cylinder of the supporting roller at the rear. Folding washers allow fixing in the selected position.

To ensure the reliability of the frame structure, the ZEUS HD disc harrows are equipped with a hydroacceler for transport hydraulic cylinders, it helps to suppress shock and vibration loads that arise during transportation of the unit on public roads.

ZEUS HD disc harrows are equipped with flow dividers for uniform folding of the wings and even operation of the hydraulics, which eliminates the possibility of operator error and overfilling of the unit.
Also, ZEUS HD disc harrows are equipped with side shields that prevent the soil from being thrown onto the untreated surface and prevent the formation of ridges between the aisles. Shields have an extensive system of adjustments both in height and in the longitudinal direction.

The chisel of the trailing device of the disk harrows ZEUS HD is equipped with reinforced damping dampers to prevent vibration and shock loads.

ZEUS HD disc harrows are equipped with front and rear signal panels, signal lights for comfortable and safe transportation.

For a comfortable and safe transportation, the ZEUS HD disk harness system can be folded up to three meters in width and less than 4 meters in height, which meets all European standards.

Wedge roller (installed on ZEUS disc harrows as standard)

Universal multi-function unit ZEUS