22 january 2021

The company-manufacturer of tillage and seeding equipment LLC «VELES-AGRO LTD.» opens up a new direction in relations between the producer and the farmers. It is for this purpose that a site opens in the village. Crooked Lake, because today there is an acute question, in which direction to move on? Since the present shows, something needs to be changed and this worries not only farmers, but also national producers of agricultural machinery and other sectors of the national economy who work and live in Ukraine.
Copied technology from other continents and countries also does not provide the desired results, since these are completely different climatic conditions, soil, relief, and most importantly, this is the agrarian policy of the states of the world.
The management of the plant decided to open several new directions and implement innovative projects using the method of practical experiments in the fields. This is aimed at determining the efficiency and reliability of agricultural machinery. This is especially true for the units of the plant’s own designs and advanced tools that are available on the market.
This applies to technologies such as: Verti-till, Strip-till, Pro-till, improvement of the feeding system with dry granular and liquid fertilizers, the use of which is practically unknown to us.
The company plans to lay down multiple experiments in the fields with various systems of processing, sowing and nutrition, and in the future with demonstration of the results for farmers!

Address: Mykolaiv region, town. Kryve Ozero, st. Central, 75.
Tel .: +38 (067) 271 60 72

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