The XXIX International Agro-Industrial Exhibition «Agro-2017» was held in Kiev Ukraine

18 june 2017

In Kiev, the XXIX International Agro-Industrial Exhibition «Agro-2017» was held, at which VELES AGRO offered a range of seeding and tillage equipment meeting modern requirements and quality standards. The most attention was drawn to the compact disc harrow KRONOS and the universal disc harrow ZEUS HD. These models were introduced in the market last year, and at the VELES AGRO show showed modernized versions of models.
The universal disc harrow ZEUS HD processes the soil and closes moisture at a depth of 5 to 22 cm, while simultaneously applying mineral fertilizers (if necessary). The unit has 6 m of width and about 10 tons of weight; It is used together with a tractor with a capacity of 350 liters. from. The design of the harrow allows using these characteristics to consume a minimum of fuel — according to the test results, when the soil is treated to a depth of about 6 cm, the tractor spends no more than 5 liters per hectare.
In the kit with ZEUS HD there are two systems for the introduction of solid mineral fertilizers — mechanical and pneumatic. Mechanical consists of 4 500-liter bunkers behind the working bodies are located racks that put the fertilizer pellets into the soil to a depth of up to 15 cm. The pneumatic structure is an electric drive, and the bunkers are placed in front or behind the tractor. Adjust the depth and width of the gripper, as well as the amount of fertilizer application.

Harrow ZEUS HD can be converted into vertical tillage. To this end, on the working organs, instead of camomile discs, turbodies are installed at an angle of 90 degrees. This reduces fuel consumption and increases system performance.

The compact disc harrow KRONOS is designed for presowing tillage with moisture closing at a depth of 3‒12 cm. Knives can be mounted on the harrow, which crushes large residues of crops such as corn and sunflower. KRONOS can be fully used throughout the season.
Experts note the stability of the working bodies, is achieved through a rubber damper. They soften vibrational loads on the frame, increase protection against impacts, various mechanical damages. The design gives a small amplitude of oscillation of the disk of the working element, due to which a seed bed with the necessary characteristics is created. The distance between the disks is 22 cm, so the harrow cuts the weeds better. However, it is not clogged with stubble residues. An ice rink is installed on the harrow, which smooths and compacts the soil at a pressure of 130 kg per running meter.
Presented at last year’s KRONOS aggregate with a working width of 6 meters was improved and received two additional configuration options — 4 and 11 meters. And the last option can be converted to 8 meters.
It should be noted that all materials used to produce high-quality machinery and meet world standards. In addition, thanks to the design solution, the operating elements do not require constant maintenance and lubrication.
VELES AGRO- for those who make the right decision.

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