Absolutely new units VELES AGRO at the exhibition Agro-2017, 7.06 - 10.06 Kiev Ukraine

26 may 2017

Выставка Агро 2017 Киев VELES AGRO

VELES AGRO will take part in the AGRO-2017 annual agro-industrial exhibition from 7 to 10 June on the territory of the national complex «Expocenter of Ukraine» (Ukraine, Kiev, Ak-Glushkov Avenue, 1). This year, in addition to the standard soil cultivating and sowing models, modified versions of the company’s already loved units will be presented.
Production VELES AGRO always strives to improve the processing and sowing process through new developments implemented in new units that undergo thorough testing at all stages of development and production. Such solutions will help to select the equipment for the specific requirements of each agrarian.
The exposition VELES AGRO is presented in the national exhibition center in front of the pavilion №5, №12 and the following units will be presented:

ZEUS HD — universal disc harrow (with modifications)

KRONOS — compact disc harrow (with modifications)

FORWARD — presowing combined unit

PON-3‒35 + 1 — reversible plow mounted

PON-5‒40+1 — reversible semi-mounted plough

PON-7‒40+1 — reversible semi-mounted plough

AGK-4.0 — disk combined unit

PDM-2.2 — disc harrow with adjustable traverse

GRS-3.0 — subsoiler

SZM «Nika-4» — seeder grain mechanical

SZM «Nika-6» — seeder grain mechanical

SPM-8 — precision planting seeder

GSTm-1000 — modified tractor loader

KPG-6 — cultivator for continuous presowing tillage

KPG-8.2 — cultivator for continuous presowing tillage

КМ-5.6 — row tilled cultivator

We invite all exhibitors to visit our stand in the open area in front of the pavilion №5, №12 and get acquainted with the units of VELES AGRO.

VELES AGRO — for those who make the right decision!