Caution! Forgery brand products Veles-Agro

25 november 2010

Once again, we get the confirmation of the high quality of non-formal parts produced by «Veles-Agro». The use of boron steel, is known to increase product durability is 3‒4 times as compared with a conventional steel. Naturally, the constant demand for such products is pushing dishonest dealers on elementary forgery. Forgery of original spare parts Veles-Agro is a lucrative occupation for artisanal imitators, but buyers are acquiring will certainly turn into unpleasant surprises and premature wear.

Dear Customers! Please pay attention to the characteristics of the original product brand Veles-Agro. Ploughshare «Veles-Agro» 01,702, blade PNCHS-401B, paw KPS-4 N043.052.007 (008) made ??of boron steel and painted blue, and have a stigma «Veles» (including shoe PLE 21.000).