Veles Agro ХХIІ International exhibition «Agro-2010», Kiev

24 june 2010

More than 5,000 visitors served at the stand of the company «Veles-Agro» during the most representative exhibition of Ukrainian agro-industry. AGRO 2010 held in Kiev from 15 to 19 June at the National Exhibition Centre in Ukraine.

This year, our exposition was highest than ever was before. Using every inch pad of 600m2, we presented to the Ferris 34 exhibit their products. Over the past 13 years with the base, tillage company «Veles-Agro» has gained a certain credibility among farmers. That is why the debut copy drills for crops was always in the focus of attention, attracting the largest number of visitors to the stand. In turn, we collected some interesting questions and suggestions, studying consumer demand in order to run a series of precisely the aggregate, which is expected to farmers.

The most important result of the exhibition are the new business ties with Ukrainian and foreign companies, farms, to be transformed into a fruitful long-term cooperation with the company «Veles-Agro».