Disc Kombi AGK-4 without Rollers

28 february 2014

Video: Work disk combined aggregate AGK-5.4 rollers without video.

Description: Tillage combined AGK-4 without rollers «Veles-Agro» with the working bodies of increased resources provided by the pressure to 1 disc over 170kg, designed for processing of soil compaction, weed control and grinding plant residues after harvest tolstostebelnyh row crops, sowing technology Mini-Till.
The design solution is that the individual spring-loaded rack mounted double disc section, arranged in two rows on the skid. Distance of 250 mm between adjacent discs of 1300 mm between the rows at an angle of attack of 15 ? and tilt angle drives ? 6 provides a complete cutting of weeds, intensive mixing soil eliminates clogging of the unit between the rows, in the treatment of clogged soil fertility. In this case, the driving resistance is reduced compared to similar instruments on 15?20%.
During cultivation, the spring-loaded rack cutter assembly smoothly to avoid obstacles, making low-frequency oscillatory motion, due to what is happening self-cleaning disks from plant residue and buildup.
After tillage unit AGK-4 field surface leveled, compacted and it saved cover that protects the fertile layer from desiccation and erosion.

Design features AGK-4 «Veles-Agro»:

  • Spring assembly compensates for rigid load frame and allows you to overcome obstacles;
  • Drives the unit made of boron steel.

Specifications unit AGK-4:

  • Type of unit-semihinged
  • Width (m) — 3,0
  • Performance (ha/h) — 3,0 — 3,6
  • Working speed (km/h) — 10 — 12
  • Working depth (cm) — 10 — 17
  • The angle of attack drives (degrees) -15
  • Type the working body — two-disc
  • Number of workers (pc) — 12
  • Diameter disks working body (mm) — 610/650
  • Transport speed, max (km/h) — 20
  • Length (mm) — 6380
  • Width (mm) — 3075
  • Height (mm) — 1560
  • Unit weight (kg) — 3000
  • Required tractor power (hp) — 100 — 120