Chisel GR-3

28 february 2014

Video: Chisel sagittal GR-3 (GRS).

Description: Chisel GR-3 (GDS) for loosening the soil by dumping and subsurface backgrounds with the deepening of the arable layer, subsurface processing it instead of autumn and spring plowing, subsoiling on the slopes and fallow fields.
Device for the surface treatment of the soil used during seedbed preparation in the spring and the primary treatment for winter crops in the fall, stubble cereals and other crops after harvest, including dlinnosteblevyh, after a preliminary peeling disc guns. Device performs additional loosening topsoil, leveling the field surface and partial grinding dlinnosteblevyh plant residues.

Specifications GRS-3:

  • Width — 3,0 m.
  • Productivity in 1 hour time — 2,7?3,5 ha/h.
  • Working speed — 8 km/h.
  • Depth of processing — to 45 cm.
  • Number of workers — 6 pcs.
  • Depth of processing devices rink — 6?10 cm.
  • Weight unit — 1725 kg.
  • Tractor — 280…320 hp