VULKAN 12 Injection Liquid Fertilizer Unit

VULKAN 12 Injection Liquid Fertilizer Unit

3 194 000 uah.

*There is a state compensation program of 25%. The price is valid on the territory of Ukraine.

Unit injector liquid fertilizer VULKAN

Providing plants with nitrogen fertilizers is due to the fertilizer stockpile of ammonium nitrogen. It is basically a liquid fertilizer applied to the soil using the machine for fertilizer injection wheels and allows the plant to additionally consume the ammonium.
Agriculture is not in place — development and research offer a new type process and look at the fertilizer CAS. But why abandon the NITRATE and why is it better to use AMMONIUM? Ammonium, unlike nitrate, is a sorbent, it is deposited in the soil and not leach. Stocks of ammonium inside have inhibitory effects on plant roots and microorganisms. Therefore, it is relatively stable, so that the tips of the roots absorb the fertilizer stocks from outside or slowly as needed. The effect, unlike that of nitrate fertilizers, is a long-term, the need to plant nitrogen fertilizer, generally can be satisfied by stocks of ammonium during the entire period of assimilation.
Important in this respect is the optimum time of application; the time period in this case is less than when making nitrate fertilizers. Targeted use of straw, and the fixing of his predecessors and subsequent crops are important prerequisites for the refusal nitrate fertilizers. Thanks to the supplies of ammonium the plant’s need for nitrogen fertilization can be satisfied throughout the period of absorption.

The parts of the working body of the VULKAN liquid fertilizer injection unit are made of high quality stainless steel, which allows you to work freely in contact with an aggressive environment. Equipped with 12 spokes (needles) made of hard alloy, which inject fertilizers every 13 cm. Thanks to rubber shock absorbers, the injection wheels follow the field contours, so fertilizers penetrate evenly in every part of the field. Three bearings in the implement hub ensure long-term operation of the unit. Unlike analogs, the injection working body manufactured by VELES AGRO has a protective plastic casing to prevent damage to pressure lines when working with such predecessors as sunflower, corn, rapeseed, etc.

How is the VULKAN working body made?

The advantages of the technology of injection of liquid fertilizer:

1. High performance use in any climatic zones, including arid

• Injection of fertilizers made by the method and device VULKAN require less than 5% of the amount of moisture in the upper soil layer. A relatively small plant roots absorb ammonium, regardless of the content of water in the soil. As a consequence, improved drought tolerance and more developed root system
• Liquid fertilizer don’t need additional moisture to dissolve, so after making them immediately available for plants

2. More uniform application and precise distribution over the area

• Special injection wheels made of stainless steel. They are equipped with 12 needles (needles) of hard alloy, which make the injection of nitrogen every 13 cm distance between the wheels is 25 cm, that is, for 1 sq. m. there are 31 injection equal portions
• Thanks to rubber shock absorbers injection wheels repeat the relief of the fields, so fertilizer penetrate evenly into every area of the field

3. Rapid penetration into the soil

• the technology of liquid fertilizer does not require additional treatment in the field as fertilizer dose once laid at a depth of
• residues do not prevent the penetration into the soil fertilizers and removing a portion of the nitrogen
• high adaptability to technologies mini-till, no-till, strip-till, verti-till.

4. Prolongation of the action and the quality of food at the start

• one making enough to provide the plants with nitrogen fertilizer during the growing period
• made liquid fertilizer does not evaporate and lingers longer in the soil. Stocks of ammonium adsorbed by the soil material, and therefore, they behave relatively stable. Leaching or gaseous losses, as is the case for nitrates, no
• due to the location of stocks, the ammonium nitrogen is more available for crops than for growing weed, at least at the initial stage of development. In this scheme, this happens without any damage to soil organisms

5. No burns plant caused by the application rate, phase, characteristic of the growing season and weather conditions

• in the process of making the fertilizer is not in contact with the surface of the plants, and immediately gets back to his roots
• unlike nitrate fertilizers, ammonium fertilizers stocks there is a countercurrent of solutions of nutrients from roots to leaves and Vice versa, which positively affects the development of plants

6. Expand the full potential of the soil and plants

• the absorption of ammonium by roots of plants is controlled, depending on the current performance of the mass of leaves. And mutually high need for nutrients from roots and leaves leads to rapid growth, without excessive deposition of nitrates in leaves and roots. Consequently, plants become less susceptible to diseases, and the remnants of nitrates is much lower

• nutritious residues, such as straw, with VULKAN kept longer and remain accessible to earthworms as a food source. Thus, multiplication of microorganisms has a positive effect on soil structure and infiltration of precipitation. Therefore, to facilitate the exchange of organic matter, nitrate fertilizers do not fit into the concept of VULKAN

7. Cost optimization and high level of profitability

• decrease in the total number of passes and the lack of seal — less fuel costs
• it is possible to use cheaper fertilizer than conventional fertilizers. For example: instead of making ammonium nitrate in the technology VULKAN can be used ammonia water, which at a cost per unit of active ingredient for 30‒40% cheaper
• reduction of application rates, since there are no losses due to evaporation and leaching

Video about VULKAN work

VULKAN liquid fertilizer injection unit