AGN 4.2 Disk harrow (Semi-mounted)

AGN 4.2 Semi-mounted disk harrow of Veles Agro

1 014 000 uah.

*There is a state compensation program of 25%. The price is valid on the territory of Ukraine.

AGN-4.2 Semi-mounted disk harrow, with adjustable row-spacing, is designed for primary and pre-tilling corn and technical cultures by loosening the surface of the field at a given depth from the soil resistivity to 0.9 kgf / cm, hardness of 35 kgf / cm ² (3.5 MPa) and humidity to 27%.

In the transport position the unit weight is divided between the tractor and own transport wheels. It is possible to increase the distance between the front and rear rows of discs from 90 to 120 cm, increase stability of the unit and reduce the load on the rear row of discs.

The design allows you to shift the AGN series back row disc relative to the front. This adjustment allows to achieve maximal alignment surface of the field.
Fixing the working body through the one-piece bracket reduces the load on the frame, which significantly increases the service life of the unit as a whole.

An additional advantage of the product is to set the working drive to a separate rack, with the angle of inclination of the disk to the bottom of the furrow 16 °, which allows us to achieve additional turnover of soil formation.

Disk units are equipped with two-piece series AGN rollers of different diameters:

Rollers as disk unit AGN

A new amortization rink units AGN, whereby it is possible to select the setting of a skating rink, or as a separate additional console:

Новый амортизационный каток АГК Велес-Агро

Design features implements AGN:

  • adjustment of row-spacing provides tillage with a minimum height of the ridges on the bottom of the furrow and the uniform depth of processing;
  • adjustable angle of attack disks;
  • convenient system replacement bearings;
  • Disc of wear boron steel;
  • Continuously variable depth control.

Maintenance-free working body assembly:

Design advantages of unattended operating unit housing AGN:

Sealed enclosure disc harrow AGN

Semi-mounted Disk harrows