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PDM 2.2 (1) Disc harrow mounted with adjustable row-spacing (with disks of boron steel)

PDM 2.2 Disc harrow (adjustable) of Veles Agro

132 500 uah.

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Disc harrow mounted PDM-2.2 Disc harrow mounted PDM-2.2 Disc harrow mounted PDM-2.2

Disc harrow, tree point attached PDM series is designed to prepare the soil, not littered with fieldstone and other obstacles, for sowing of grain and industrial crops by loosening the surface of the field at a given depth from the soil resistivity to 0,9 kg / cm, hardness of 35 kgf / cm ² and humidity up to 27%. With adjustable row-spacing.

In one passage implement performs grinding and trash burial, crumbling and leveling the surface of the field, that places of fertilizers.
Packer roller with stepless adjustment of depth of processing:

Packer wheel disc harrow PDM-2.2

Design features of PDM-2,2 implement :

  • adjustment of row-spacing provides tillage with a minimum height of the ridges on the bottom of the furrow and the uniform depth of processing;
  • adjustable disks angle;
  • Easy system of bearing change;
  • Disc of wear boron steel;
  • Continuously variable of processing depth;

Compatibility certificates ES 16.04.2010.

CSN EN ISO 12100‒2, CSN EN ISO 12100‒2/A1, CSN EN ISO 1050, CSN EN ISO 4254‒1, CSN EN ISO 11684

Serviced housing working body disc harrow

Disk harrows (adjustable)