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Mobile Auger Loader

Mobile Auger Loader

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The mobile screw conveyor has a wide range of applications. It is successfully used in farms, grain currents, elevators. Using a screw conveyor, you can load vehicles, storage bins, grain dryers, grain storage silos, grain cleaning machines, floor storage warehouses, etc. It can also be used to form a grain mound in a hangar, floor storage warehouse, modular grain storage, etc.

The design consists of a closed metal tube, inside which a shaft with helical blades is wrapped. When rotating, the raw material moves up the screw.

The conveyor has a pulley mechanism for changing the angle of inclination

Also, the conveyor is designed in such a way that in its tail there is the possibility of changing organs:
— loading hopper for loading from a bucket, hopper, other conveyor;
— a mesh casing for picking up the product from the embankment;
— collection device.