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AGK 4 Double disk harrow (Semi-mounted)

AGK 4 Double disk harrow of Veles Agro

468 384 uah.

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AGK 4 Semi-mounted Double disk harrow. Combined with working tools of increased resource, providing pressure on one disc over 170kg, is designed to process the compacted soil, control weeds and grind plant residues after harvest of thick stem row crops, care of meadows and pastures, as well as for basic processing and preparation of soil for sowing technology Mini-Till.

Disk units of AGK series are equipped with two sections rollers of different diameter:

A new amortization AGK rink units, whereby it is possible to select the setting of a skating rink, or as a separate additional console:

Новый амортизационный каток АГК Велес-Агро

Working body of AGK 4:

Constructive solution is that double disc sections are installed on resiliently pressed individual racks, arranged in two rows on the frame of the tool. Distance of 250 mm between adjacent discs ,1300 mm between the rows at the angle of harrow equaling 15 and angle of inclination of the disks equaling 6, provides complete trimming of weeds, intensive mixing of the soil and prevents clogging of the unit between the rows, during the treatment of clogged soil fertility. Thus the tractive resistance is reduced compared to the similar instruments, to 15‒20%.

During tillage, spring-loaded tines of the cutter smoothly avoid obstacles, making low-frequency vibrational motions, due to which self-cleaning of disks from crop residues and sticking is performed.
After tillage performed by AGK 4 combined disc unit, the field surface is leveled, compacted and saves mulch cover that protects the topsoil from drying and erosion.

Design features of AGK 4:

  • two sections of different diameter rollers provide efficient crushing and leveling the surface of the field;
  • reinforced frame design (central beam is made of thick-walled pipe 300x300h18 mm);
  • spring assembly compensates for rigid load frame and allows to overcome obstacles;
  • disks of the unit are made of boron steel.

Semi-mounted Double disk harrows