7-th exhibition-demonstration of the technique in the field conditions

31 july 2019

Тhe 7-th Clash of the Agrotitans is:

The biggest practical demonstration of agrimachinery in field conditions in Ukraine. Demonstration zones:

— "Plows and deep-rippers”;

— "Harrows and cultivators”;

— "Seeders”;

— "Sprayers and spreaders”;

— "Combines, headers and bunkers”.

  • Wide-scale agrarian exhibition;
  • Demonstration of high-yielding harvest corn and sunflower hybrids;
  • Demonstration of nutrition technology and protection of corn and sunflower hybrids;
  • Powerful test-drive zone;
  • Presentation of new technical advances to enhance profitability of production.

Kyiv region, Tetiiv district, Stepove village, «TAK Agro»