International specialized exhibition «BATA AGRO» in Bulgaria

13 may 2019

The international specialized exhibition BATA AGRO is the largest forum in Bulgaria for the presentation of agricultural equipment. The exhibition has been held since 2010, having won the trust of thousands of well-organized farmers, various exhibits and loyal traders over the years.

The exhibition presents VELES AGRO equipment, among which is the novelty — the universal sowing complex STS MAGIA, it is a multifunctional soil-cultivating-sowing unit, which ensures the implementation in the zone of a row of specified technological operations for grinding plant residues, depth treatment, integrated fertilization, sowing both tilled and and grain crops, final rolling and mulching of the field surface.

Working hours of the agricultural exhibition «BATA AGRO 2019»
From May 14 to 17 inclusive
from 09:00 to 18:00

Venue: Stara Zagora Airport
GPS coordinates: 42.385640, 25.648767