ATTENTION! Since January 1, 2018 we are making a coulter with offset discs on all models of grain drills series SZ 3.6/5.4

19 december 2017

Opener VELES-AGRO (displacement 17 mm)

Displacement of disks relative to each other:

1. Reduces traction resistance;

2. Excludes clogging of openers with stones and stubble residues;

3. Facilitates the cutting of crop residues and improves the penetration

of the opener into the soil;

4. Allows you to work on wet soils, without soil adhering to the opener;

5. Increases the resistance of discs to wear and shock loads;

6. Allows to work both on traditional, and on the minimum agrotechnologies.

Vomer of manufacture of other manufacturer (displacement 6 mm)

Opener VELES-AGRO (displacement 17 mm)

Mounting the discs with bolts greatly facilitates the repair and maintenance.