Subsoiler GRS-4 «Veles-Agro». Field Day in the fields of «Monolith».

9 june 2016

June 2, 2016 near s.Velykoplaske, Velykomhaylivskoho district of Odessa region in the fields of «Monolith» company «Amako» conducted a field demonstration tractor Massey Ferguson NF8690.

This economy in recent years successfully working with the factory of «Veles-Agro LTD.», So testing is not randomly selected subsoiler GRS-4 system with fertilization, which has established itself well in this economy, a reliable and trouble-free unit.

Director of «Monolith» noted positive features of GRS-4, namely the possibility of fertilization. This unit worked 800g., Without any comments. Subsoiler works without serious reversal formation, ie leaving crop remains on top. A destroyed pidpluzhna bottom sole that promotes the free passage of moisture and increase yields.