The absolute novelty «Veles-Agro» in 2016 and the premiere film «Zeus 6HD» on agroindustrial exhibition «Agro 2016» in Kiev.

19 may 2016

The manufacturer of tillage and seeding equipment LLC «Veles-Agro LTD.» Traditionally take part in the annual international agricultural exhibition «Agro 2016», which will be held 8‒11 June in Kiev.

This year the company «Veles-Agro» will present an absolute novelty in 2016, and the premiere of the film, dedicated disk Tillage machines «Zeus 6HD» New 2016 Preview video, is now available for viewing below.

Exhibition booth with an area of 480 square meters, will be located near the pavilion №5, exhibition center «Kyiv Expo Plaza», where, and we invite all visitors and exhibitors, learn about the latest agricultural machinery and other production, which is very popular among farmers For many years, namely:

- Zeus 6HD — heavy semi-mounted disc harrow, the new 2016;

-Forward-6 — combined pre-assembly, the new 2016;

-Cronos-6 — disc Plough-harrow, the new 2016;

-PON-7+1 — revolving semi-mounted plow depleted;

-PON-3+1 — mounted reversible moldboard plow;

-SZM Nika-4/6 — mechanical grain seeder trailed;

-SPM-8 — rotary pneumatic precision seed drill, equipped with regulating electric sowing machines;

-GRS-3 — subsoiler arrow-shaped, with the function of fertilizer application;

-KPG-11 — trailed cultivator for continuous seedbed preparation;

-KPG-4 — trailed cultivator for continuous seedbed preparation;

-KM-5,6 — cultivator inter-row mounted;

-PDM-2,5 — mounted disc harrow, adjustable row-spacing;

-GSTM-1000 — hydraulic tractor truck (crane).

Pre-video disk unit works Zeus 6HD «Veles-Agro». The work of the working body of the damping unit.