Veles-Agro company began to produce an additional fertilizer for HORSCH Tiger MT 4

15 september 2015

The company «Veles-Agro» has started the production of additional equipment for HORSCH Tiger MT 4:
«The system of making deep bulk fertilizers»

System application of dry fertilizer for harrows horsch tiger mt production Veles-Agro Система внесения сухих удобрений доп функция на horsch tiger mt Система внесения сухих минеральных удобрений дополнительно на horsch tiger

Such a system allows the introduction of bulk fertilizers at a depth of 200?350 mm., With the main function of the machine, which in turn allows the root system of the plants after the use of the starting dose of fertilizer, made during planting, to develop its root system deep into the soil. This development of the root system in the dry season allows the plant to be fed from a depth of 200?400 mm, which retained more moisture.
The fertilizer application rates can be adjusted from 50 to 350 kg / ha.
The system is installed on the frame structure of the unit «Tiger MT 4» without unbalancing constructive unit.