Field Day in Australia Kumbia the soil type was red volcanic and Maryborough on the reed

3 july 2015

Field Day in Kumbia and Maryborough Australia. Demonstration equipment Veles-Agro: AGM 4.2, GRS 3.0 dealer Williamson-Agri in Australia.

The soil type was red volcanic it is good draining soil put can set hard and become lumpy, peanuts corn and sorgum are the main summer crops around Kumbia with wheat barley and Oats grown in winter and the remains of sugar cane in Maryborough.

Farmer feedback on the AGM was very good indeed, speed type discs are well know for not being able to handle sorghum stubble. But the AGM handle it well most Farmers like the ability to ajust the angle of the discs on the AGM.

GRS 3,0 was good too ! Everyone farmers like the level finish, and the fact that all the soil profile is moved. Most farmers are doing some sort of control traffic so tyne spacing a bit of a problem but only with some farmers

Farmers liked the construction of the machines, and thought they well heavily constructed and could stand Australia’s hard conditions.

День поля в Австралии техника Велес-Агро Демонстрация техники Велес-Агро в Австралии Kumbia Уборка поля техникой Велес-Агро в Австралии, демонстрация

Disc Harrow AGM 4.2 work on sugar cane residues Maryborough Australia.

Обработка остатков тростника АГМ 4,2 Австралия Вспашка тростника агм 4,2 велес агро австралия Вспашка сахарного тростника в Австралии дисковой бороной АГМ 4,2

Watch videos AGM 4.2 processing volcanic soil in Kumbia Australia:

Video disc harrow AGM 4.2, processing of sugar cane residues in Maryborough, Australia: