Double row bearings for increased resource opener

16 september 2014

To increase the service life of the disc coulter in planters Nika SZM and SPM, the design department of LLC «Veles-Agro Ltd.» Has decided to switch to double-row angular contact ball bearings for high loads — 5205GP.

When installing the double-row bearings 5205GP, increases the time of the disc opener without replacement. It is less subject to wear and has an increased operating life compared to the previously used single-row bearings.

The new bearing has troebortnoe lip seal and the outer portion of the hub, tightly closed dustproof stopper, allowing the ingress of dust into the inside of the bearing assembly is virtually eliminated.

Also in its size it wider than 5205GP its predecessor, single row bearing 205VA (AA205DD), although the diameter remains the same:

Double row and single row bearing comparisonDouble row bearing on the opener drills