Universal Disc harrow ZEUS 6 HD from the company Veles Agro 2017

14 april 2017

Disc harrow ZEUS 6 HD from the company Veles Agro 2017

The new universal disc harrow ZEUS 6 HD from the company Veles Agro is characterized as a wide-universal, multifunctional, no-tax unit, introduces a radically new processing principle.
The tandem arrangement of the ZEUS drives avoids «clogging» the ground between them, thereby optimally improving the penetration and processing quality, even on heavy soils with a lot of vegetation. The working body is fixed to the powerful frame with the help of rubber shock absorbers, which copy the relief and extinguish shock loads on the frame structure, so that the reliability of the ZEUS disc harrow goes to a qualitatively new level. Dividing the working elements into 4 rows makes it possible to increase the shearing effect, since each succeeding series requires less energy. Thanks to the double mounting of the discs and the wide support on the frame, there is no lateral deflection of the working element in the work, which in turn keeps a constant angle of attack. The hydraulic accumulator on the transport carrier ZEUS makes it possible to compensate for the unevenness of the road and avoid rigid impacts in the frame structure.
The uncompromising confirmation of ZEUS 6 HD is:
• Fuel economy up to 50%
• High performance at work up to 15 km / h.
• Intensive mixing to a depth of 5 to 23 cm
• Bearing units that do not require maintenance
• Technology of optimal soil «soothing»
• Qualitative sealing in the soil of corn, sunflower stems and stubble residues of intermediate crops.
• Ideal pre-sowing preparation even on heavy soils
• Unique tandem arrangement of discs for high-quality processing
• Wide range of rollers for different soil types.
The universal disc harrow ZEUS-6 HD tool for surface, medium and deep processing, uniform distribution on the surface and embedding in the upper layers of plant residues, creation in the treated layer of optimal conditions for the development of soil microflora.
The tandem disk working elements are fixed to the frame through rubber shock absorbers, spaced four rows in staggered order, guaranteeing operation without blockage in fields with a large amount of plant residues. The operating elements are installed between the roller and the front support wheels, ensuring high-quality copying of the surface of the field and a high stability of the processing depth both in the course and width of the unit.
Comments on test results
The universal disc harrow ZEUS — 6HD confirmed its versatility and ensured high — quality execution of deep — seated processing (surface, middle and deep) in accordance with the settings.
In all operating conditions, different operating conditions (spring and high soil moisture, dry period and excessive hardness of the soil, deposits and stubble), the ZEUS-6HD aggregate optimally loaded the tractor engine at a level of 90‒97% of the rated operating power and performed technological operations With a different depth processing at high operating speeds. From 4.5 km / h at a depth of processing of 20‒23 cm to 7.2 km / h at a depth of 6‒10 cm. At the same time, the limiting factors of the working speed and, correspondingly, the productivity in the shallow processing were the engine load (97%), and the deep — slippage of propellers (15%). The operating time of the unit for an 8-hour shift in a small-scale treatment is 46 hectares, on an average — 32 hectares and on a deep one — 28 hectares / shift.
The established indicators of fuel consumption for processing 1 ha of area in the unit with tractors of more than 300 liters capacity. from. Showed a high profitability of the ZEUS-6HD: 6.3 l / ha -10.5 l / ha — 13.5 l / ha in accordance with the processing depth of 6 cm-15 cm-20 cm.
It should be noted that the integral index of energy efficiency and productivity (how much fuel (gram) and time (seconds) is spent on processing a unit of ground volume (depth x area = cubic meters)) for the ZEBS-6HD unit is only 2‒3 g x sec / M3. For comparison, this indicator in the plow is 9‒14 g x s / m 3 and depends on the number of hulls, and in the classical disc harrow it is 4‒6 g x s / m3 and depends on the selected depth of treatment.
Thanks to the original tandem design of the disk batteries and their multi-row arrangement on the frame, the aggregate combined farm ZEUS-6HD in terms of productivity and specific fuel consumption can successfully compete with the best specialized tillers in the Ukrainian market, which are designed only for small (lushchilniki) or medium Discs), or deep (disc harrows) processing.
Universal disk harrow ZEUS — 6HD in all working conditions, different operating conditions (spring and high soil moisture, dry period and excessive hardness of the soil, deposits and stubble) ensured complete cropping of the lower layers of soil and plant residues to the established depth. At the same time, high values ​​of the field surface copying and stability of the processing depth, both in the course of and along the width of the capture Unit.

Vegetable residues were ground and placed in the upper mulching soil horizon, and the field surface in all cases is lined and compacted. This position of the upper layers of the soil and its saturation with plant residues is the most favorable for the conservation and accumulation of moisture and ensures a high activity of soil biota.