The company «Veles-Agro» took part in the southern agro Farmer Fair-2013 (Kherson)

3 march 2013

By the end of winter, namely February 27 opened its doors to all comers South Agricultural Fair «Farmer 2013», during which were presented to the inspection of agricultural achievements as Kherson region and other regions of Ukraine. Exhibitors and visitors an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the contemporary developments of technology and science in the areas of production and preservation of food and agricultural products, plant protection products, fertilizers, seed, novelties agricultural machinery and spare parts to it, the packaging container, saplings, and the feast delicious jam melons and pumpkins.

Our sales manager, Alexander Ptashnik, gave an interview to the newspaper "AGROPARTNER. Ukraine. "

— Each year of «Veles-Agro», taking part in a particular exhibition presents to the guests trends of production and samples of the most popular models. This year’s exhibition features section intercropping cultivator, Potato, there is a working body of the new tiller, which this year alone has been put into production, 12?14-meter cultivator cultivator, and the legs and wheels. I would like to mention our cultivator. He did not yield to foreign analogues in quality, and the price is acceptable in Ukrainian. Now agriculture is experiencing hard times. And the canon that Mercedes — best car manufacturer, and John Deere — takes primacy over agricultural production, now being revised. We must not forget that the tractor or planter — is, first of all, only a tool that should work well. And our equipment vivid example: high quality at a reasonable price.
- How often, «Veles-Agro» can be seen at agricultural shows Ukraine?
— Kherson exhibition «Farmer» we participate the first year. And in general in Ukraine we go often, because if you want to remain «afloat», and even more so to grow, you always need to keep abreast of developments. Without exhibitions today do not do, because it’s a great opportunity to present their products and see what others are selling today. There is a constant exchange of experience. This year we will be taking part in the Kiev exhibition «Agro-2013», «Inter-Agro», as well as in Zaporozhye and in Nikolaev.
- How well-developed dealer network of your company in the Ukraine?
— Mission of our company are in Cherkasy and Khmelnytsky, now another opens near Kiev. But in general we have partners all over Ukraine. Chinese proverb says: «The Art of Selling — is when you are always returned to the buyers,» and we follow her, we have smoothly running service center, as the warranty and after warranty.
- Please share with us the plans for the near future for your company.
— Now we are planning to visit a number of exhibitions to present our technical innovations. Planned for the autumn Test cultivator drill. Never standing still, try to be better today than yesterday.