KRONOS-6 - the best innovative machines for soil cultivation.

28 november 2016

Within the framework of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment «InterAGRO2016» organizers held InterAGRO Innovation Award competition, the aim of MDM, to identify the best solutions in the manufacture of machinery and equipment. Competition Commission has estimated about 30 innovative solutions in five categories. In the category of "Machines for soil cultivation and sowing. Innovative technology and equipment "won Kronos disc harrow-6, the manufacturer -«Veles Agro».

Heavy compact disc harrow «Kronos-6» has a wide range of applications covering the stubble, midwater tillage, seedbed preparation, as well as a breaker of perennial grasses and deposits.

The special features of the design of the unit, may include:

— disc working elements are mounted in pairs, one front spring, which is fastened to the frame on rubber shock absorbers, thereby, low-frequency oscillations occur nonlinear operating bodies vertically with an amplitude of 20 mm, and the horizontal high frequency with an amplitude of 2‒3 mm;

— Drives are installed at a distance of 220 mm, in two rows, thus, ensured tillage one disc 110 mm in width, which ensures 100% cropping and formation of smooth processing of the bottom, even in harsh environments;

— the unit is equipped with the original rezinovokonusnym rink closed type, which provides a high quality surface and subsurface compaction of the treated soil;

— the average depth of the soil processing unit is 6 cm in high-speed mode from 7.4 to 14.5 km / h, while the performance may be 4,3‒8,4 ha / h Recommended tractor power is 230‒250 hp .

As for winning the InterAGRO Innovation Award competition, Deputy Commercial Director for Technical Issues of the company «Veles Agro» — Victor Plakhotny noted that the winner of the «Kronos-6» — the result of years of scientific research company, the introduction of the world’s best practices and innovative solutions in the Ukrainian realities. Disc harrows «Kronos-6» can be considered a modern plow harrow, which quality processes soil surface. This is confirmed by market research market demand for agricultural equipment, because farmers want to use units that are not deep, but the quality would be treated with the soil surface. It is such a car company «Veles Agro» showcased «InterAGRO 2016». a lot of innovative solutions have been used in the design of the harrow. Therefore, the company has submitted the documentation for participation in the competition. As a result of the event, kompaniia «Veles-Agro» has become the only domestic manufacturer, which received an award for innovative solutions in the class of machines for soil cultivation.

Victor Plakhotny also noted: «Prototypes disk harrow already working in the fields, in particular in Vinnitsa and Odessa regions. They showed quite good results, which we are more than satisfied, because the design of the unit has been reliably counted. This year the company „Veles-Agro“ has launched a disk harrow „Kronos-6“ and its modifications in series production».