Comparison of drills SZM-4 produced by LLC «Veles-Agro LTD.» Drills with other manufacturers.

10 march 2015

Changes drill of Box Seed Drill SZM-4

Сеялка зерновая СЗМ Ника-4


Combines the strengths of similar imported and intended for seeding technology mini-till.

Is an improved version drills intended for planting by traditional technology.

Opener SZM-4

Сошник сеялки СЗМ-4 Велес-Агро

Longitudinal displacement drives provide better penetration into the soil and cutting residue.

The discs are made from boron steel from European manufacturer that provides high strength and wear resistance, as well as a long service life.

Coulter drills another manufacturer

Сошники сеялки ЗС-4,2

Disks without bias.

Сайленблоки грядиля сеялки СЗМ-4 Велес-Агро

1. Opener is mounted on silent blocks.
Openers are separated by 250 cm while moving the drill, which eliminates clogging of the drill.
Row spacing of 150 mm, can be installed between the rows of 170 mm, which allows work in the fields weedy plant remains.

Междурядия 150мм сеялки ЗС-4,2

Row spacing of 150 mm.

2. Reinforced leash opener from the pipe 40x60x3 mm provides high strength and resistance to torsion.
The design of the drill pipe used profile from European manufacturer of steel S355JRH, which provides high strength welded structures (7 years warranty on the frame.)

Литая стойка сошника СЗМ-4 Велес-Агро

3. Cast reinforced rack opener with a long tube of the seed (provides better seed placement on the bottom of the furrow) and protective edges (exclude dirt debris into the seed opener area)

Пластиковый трубопровод семян сеялки СЗМ-4

4. Plastic Pipe (eliminates sticking fertilizers and has good resistance to aggressive environment).

5. Imported spring force to provide opener 80?120 kg, which allows you to use the drill on fields with mini-till, and no-till. Adjustable compression (loading) allows you to create a pressure of 50?60 kg per coulter.

Регулировка глубины заделки семян СЗМ-4

6. More convenient adjustment of the seeding depth (reduces changeover times seeders).

Регулировка прикатывающих колес сеялки ЗС-4,2

Inconvenient adjustable press wheels and the force of the spring.

Прикатывающее колесо атмосферного давления СЗМ-4

7. The complete set of the drill press wheels atmospheric pressure having a self-cleaning effect on the adhesion of land (allowing one run on wet soils), as well as continuous wheels for dry weather.

Прикатывающие колеса сеялки ЗС-4,2

Narrow fall wheels in a row without sustaining the drilling depth.

Уплотнитель семян СЗМ-4 Велес-Агро

8. Seal seeds are designed to guide the seeds on the bottom of the furrow, pressing them, and thereby achieving a better contact with the ground seed.

Защитная крышка подшипника сошника СЗМ-4

9.Protective cover outside eliminates dust, reduced the central hole in the disc protects the bearing from dust and corrosive environment of fertilizers. The use of a double-row ball bearing (greater load-carrying capacity) with a triple protective sleeve made on special order, which guarantees the life of the bearing to wear disc opener. The disc 6 is fixed on the rivet.

Гидроцилиндр сеялки с алюминиевым упором СЗМ-4

Patterned aluminium mounts provide a more reliable adjustment of the drilling depth.

Транспортировочное дышло сеялки СЗМ-4

Drawbar leans to the side. More than a simple translation drills from working to transport position.

Транспортировочное дышло сеялки ЗС-4,2

Unlike drills SZM-4 drawbar other seeders folds up.

Ratchet on bearings with anti-wedge.

Храповик подшипника сеялки с защитой от заклинивания СЗМ-4 Храповик подшипника сеялки СЗМ-4 в разрезе

Coil sowing machine produces dose with extreme accuracy. What would be the seeds were sown — small, large or fragile sowing system is uniformly set to make you normal. Sowing coil design provides accurate sowing under different conditions and speed.

Катушечный высевающий аппарат сеялки СЗМ-4

Device for making dry fertilizer. Planting unit is equipped with a 6-chiseled steel coil with the nitty gritty of modelasta that provides protection from wedge in the case of contact with stones in the sowing machine.

Coil for making dry fertilizer SZM-4

Seeder equipped with a hopper for seeding small-seeded crops, it has a large capacity that allows for longer work in the field without reloading. Coil very precisely such seeds are sown as canola, clover, alfalfa, etc.

Катушка высева мелкосеменных культур СЗМ-4

Smaller width seeder (4400 mm) provides a smaller turning radius better maneuverability and better control when reversing.

The width of the other planters (5850mm).
Provides greater turning radius thereby deteriorating maneuverability.

One common lid on the bin, wider Sediment neck, reversible inner lid for easy filling the hopper, the average wall with peresypnymi hatches allows you to use both hoppers for seed.

Крышка бункера сеялки СЗМ-4

Departure markers allow to conduct drill both the front wheel of the tractor and the center.

Short marker does not allow to conduct the center of the tractor.

Маркер сеялки ЗС-4,2

Box adjust seeding drills SZM-4

The simple design of the gearbox ensures high reliability and long service life of the unit.

Seeding completed controlled seeding
Process control seeding is as follows: in the case of reducing the fat in the seeds or controlled bunker below the permissible, or clogging seed hoses corresponding to the level sensor through reinforced and jumper harness provides a signal to the control SKV

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