Beware fake! Counterfeit product Veles-Agro.

16 november 2013

Recently noticeable cases of detection of low-quality products that unscrupulous manufacturers produce products under the guise of «Veles-Agro LTD.» We are very concerned about this situation, because our company since its opening constantly cares for release exclusively of high quality products.

Many products are subject to high loads during operation, so almost all the products of «Veles-Agro Ltd» is made of wear resistant boron steel. In addition, almost two decades of its existence, we have made ??a lot of design changes implemented in production. This applies to both parts and mechanisms and processes of manufacturing and hardening. During this time we have to work out and test more than a dozen different suppliers of steel and other materials. To date, we buy boron steel, the criteria of high quality raw materials supplied and Ukraine is the only manufacturer of spare parts from really boron steel.

Externally distinguish fake from the original is almost impossible. However, such products are many times less. Before buying a ploughshare, paw, disk or other article of «Veles-Agro Ltd.» Posmorite this video. It’s very convincing.

How to protect yourself from counterfeit products Veles Agro?

The answer is simple — go directly to the manufacturer or to our authorized dealers, a list which you will find on our site.