Soil stripper Strip-Till Krios

Soil stripper Strip-Till

763 330 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

Strip-Till Krios strip processing unit is designed for soil preparation, for row crops with simultaneous application of mineral fertilizers. With the help of three cotters (turbodisks), a qualitative loosening of the soil is carried out.

Fertilizers can be introduced in two independent ways:
1) fertilization of fertilizers on one of the working wheels of the aggregate, which ensures the mixing of fertilizers in the treated strip;
2) applying fertilizers to the bottom of the cultivating strip or deeper with the ramming belt.

Unit Strip-Till Krios utilization efficiency:

• Only 30% of the field surface is processed (saving the POL);
• Mineral fertilizers are introduced (consumed at later stages of plant development);
• Multi-row spacing (do not give the moisture to intensively evaporate);
• In the spring, the black stripes get warmer faster (early sowing).