Loader (Tractor hydraulic manipulator) GST 1000

Loader Tractor hydraulic manipulator GST 1000 Diapazon

322 000 uah.

*There is a state compensation program of 25%. The price is valid on the territory of Ukraine.

Тракторный манипулятор ГСТ-1000 Диапазон Тракторная гидравлическая стрела ГСТ-1000 Диапазон

Loader GST-1000 «Diapazon» designed and manufactured for mounting onto a three-point linkage of agricultural tractors, with power from 30 kW (≈40 hp) to 220 kW (≈300hp)

Main purpose: In the field and warehouse conditions loading/unloading of fertilizers in bags «Big-Beg» for agriculture use.

Driver carries loader on the three-point hitch of the tractor in 5?10 minutes. Power supply of loader`s hydraulic system is carried out from the tractor hydraulic system through the couplings.

At the same time tractor retains the ability to tow a two-axle trailer with capacity up to 6 t.

Loader control is performed using the tractor hydraulic distributor located at the front on the left side of the manipulator. If necessary, it can be converted into the right position depending on the circuit loading.

Operating experience hinged loader «Diapazon» our customers the following main points of its advantages:

1. Universality of aggregation with all major models of tractors;
2. high load capacity (1.5 t at maximum radius of 5.2 m and 3.0 t on the «short» radius 2.5 m);
3. maximum lift height of 6.5 m (hook up) allows you to unload cars with high board — 4.00 m from the ground and load seeds and fertilizers in crop systems;
4. rotation of 160°
5. simple and informative management manipulator with a high degree of protection from emergency situations, no requires operator training;
6. compact dimensions in transport position allow the tractor to move with the arrow on public roads;
7. the possibility of operating in the scheme (tractor + crane + trailer) allows you to quickly move loads over short distances and on the road;
8. a large set of additional implements for the model GSTm-1000, repeatedly increases application area of the manipulator.

Standard loaders Series GTS-1000 «Diapazon» issued in 2010 on the premises of the «Diapazon LTD.» In Anthracite, Ukraine. Since 2015, started production in conjunction with «Veles-Agro LTD.» In Odessa, Ukraine.