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SZM Nika 4 Seed drill (trailered)

Article: SZM 4

Nika 4 Box seed drill

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Сеялка зернотуковая универсальная СЗМ Ника-4 Велес-Агро Сеялка зернотуковая универсальная СЗМ Ника-4 Велес-Агро

Auxiliary equipment for Seed Drill:

Transport device TR-4 SZM-4
System seeding small-seeded crops MS-4 SZM-4
Control system SKV-4m SZM-4
Direct sowing attachment for grain seeders SZM-4

Nika 4 Seed Drill of SZM series (Trailed) is designed to drill seeding cereals, pulses, industrial crops, as well as herbs, vegetables and grain mixtures with minimum tillage (Mini-Till).

For aggregation, it is recommended to use the tractor drawbar category — 1.4

The outcome of the planters in 2010‒2014 GG are now amended to adapt drills
work on the Ukrainian fields, namely:

  • diversity openers for improved passage of soil and nutrient residues between them;
  • elongated rod shock absorber opener;
  • left and right hand thread screws disc opener;
  • advanced neck grain bins and fertilizers;
  • mechanism for synchronous operation of the hydraulic cylinders raise the drill;
  • shims working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder.

In applying the resource-saving technologies, sowing most crops produced after minimum tillage with disk harrows. For good shoots arises we need to choose universal drills, which at the lowest cost of labor standards and reconfiguration of sowing depths, would be able to provide a wide range of finest quality planting crops.

After examining the modern direction of foreign seeding equipment, LLC «Veles-Agro» has developed a new series of box seed drills SZM designed for in-line method of sowing grain, herbs, vegetables, mixtures, legumes, technical and other crops with minimum tillage, force of pressure on coulter from 80 to 120 kg and compacting system of seedbed.

Time-tested reel dispensing system in the box seed drill series SZM improved with the latest technology of parts surface treatment and using high-strength, wear-resistant components in their manufacture. Due to a combination of coils helical adjustment method on a given seeding rate and switching speeds gearbox, drill can be configured 6 kg/ha and up to 400 kg / ha, small seeded crops hopper 1 kg/ha to 40 kg/ha.

Speed control of drill sowing of Nika 4 SZM :

transmission speed seeding seed drills Nicka -4 Veles Agro

Nika 4 Seed Drill has two large bunkers — 920 liters for seeds and for fertilizer 350 liters, which creates prerequisites for high performance and reducing the cost of additional planter loading during sowing. Moreover, when removing the partition between the bunkers, grain tank capacity increases to 1280 liters.

To form an ideal seed bed used construction offset disks organize opener, also protects it from clogging the stones. In this first disc cuts a straight line sowing, cutting crop residues, and the second loosens the soil and prepare the seedbed.

To form an ideal seed bed used construction offset disks organize opener, also protects it from clogging the stones. In this first disc cuts a straight line sowing, cutting crop residues, and the second loosens the soil and prepare the seedbed.

Structure of the coulter for SZM Nika 4 grain drill:

Mechanical grain drills opener Nika SZM-4
The disc coulter drills of SZM Nika with double row angular contact ball bearing high resource 5205GP.

The disc coulter with double-row bearings 5205 GP The disc coulter drills with double-row bearings 5205 GP

Unitization for drills with different types of tractor attachments provided or tow performance and longitudinal transport option allows you to carry drills SZM on public roads.

Veles-Agro have developed 4 and 6 metre seeders designed for minimum tillage. This double disc planter is designed to give precision depth, each sowing unit can have up to 120kg of down pressure, giving good penetration and good seed to soil contact with the press wheels.

A time proven seed dispensing system in the SZM series of seed drills has been enhanced by using the latest technologies of surface treating of parts and using high strength and wear proof materials with a combination of movable feed flutes and adjustable gearbox. The seeder can be adjusted to a low seeding rate of 8kg/ha and a high rate up to 400kg/ha while using the small seed attachment can lower the seed rate down to as low as 1kg/ha and high of 40 kg/ha.

Additional equipment for sowing, made universal traverse. When ordering, it can be purchased as a kit, or as an accessory to the seed drill.

General-purpose member for sowing Nika:

Дополнительная универсальная траверса сеялки Ника Универсальная траверса сеялки Ника

The result of the SZM Nika 4 seeder, Australia:

Result sowing turnips, drill SZM Nika:

Посев репы сеялкой СЗМ Ника Всходы посева репы

Clearly visible shutter planting distance for the proper development of the plant. For this culture, this factor is very important, so mechanical grain drills SZM Nika maximum suitable for even the most demanding planting crops.

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