SPM 6 Precision planting seeder

SPM 6 Precision seeder of Veles Agro

958 330 uah.

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Пропашная сеялка точного высева СПМ-6 Сеялка точного высева пневматическая СПМ-6 Сеялка точного высева СПМ-6 пропашная пневматическая

SPM 6 Precision seeder is designed for dotted, precision seed calibration and uncalibrated seed corn, sunflower, soybean and dr.s simultaneous application of dry fertilizer and consolidation of the soil in rows.
For aggregation, it is recommended to use the tractor drawbar category — 1.4

The accuracy of seed distribution is achieved through the use of American seeding apparatus «precision planting» vacuum metering seed system. Sowing the seeds of a predetermined depth is provided by double disc coulters with double wheels, cams. Rolling-crops made v-shaped press wheels with adjustable force stitching.

To work on the technology no-till seed drill is equipped with a turbo wavy disc, which prepares the ground and clean seedbed from crop residues.

SPM 6 Air seeder is equipped with a control system of seeding that reliably monitors crop performance. Fertilization takes place via two-disc coulter, which may adjust to the desired depth and distance from the seed bed.

The seeder is used in all soil-climatic zones, excluding mountain agriculture.
Disc set for sowing maize and sunflower.

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Precision planting seeder