Rotary harrow DEMETRA 10L mounted

Rotary harrow DEMETRA 10L mounted

800 000 uah.

*There is a state compensation program of 25%. The price is valid on the territory of Ukraine.

The DEMETRA rotary harrow is designed for surface tillage.

The needle tandem of the working bodies, attached to the working body of the pendulum type, allows you to perfectly copy the work surface. The elastic strut and spring safety assembly minimizes plant injuries during processing. The two-row bearing of the working body with a lip seal does not require maintenance and provides maximum service life. Spur-wheels of the working body are designed to penetrate into the soil at an angle, ensuring maximum immersion, mulching and loosening of the field surface. The barrier mesh prevents residues from entering the viewing glass and power mirrors.

Redesigned implement for DEMETRA rotary harrows

In one pass, the unit performs:

  • surface loosening of topsoil
  • surface mulching
  • providing soil oxygen-water balance
  • early weed control
  • inter-row cultivation of row crops
  • soil fertilization with loose mineral fertilizers
  • field leveling

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