PON 5‒40+1 Reversible plough (Semi-mounted) with skimmer

PON 5+1 Semi-mounted reversible plow

933 330 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

PON 5‒40+1 Semi-mounted reversible plough is designed for tillage of soils for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 35 18 cm, without stones, fieldstone and other obstacles, with a resistivity of soil to 0.09 MPa and a hardness of up to 3.5 MPa.

When creating a plow was put task to draw attention of users of agricultural machines to the outside attractive and convenient to operate the plow.

By purchasing novelty of our production, semi-mounted reversible plow PON 5‒40+1 (PON-7‒40+1), you get:

— Simplicity in operation;
— Excellent quality plowing;
— Performance.

Semi-mounted reversible plow consists of a frame with reversal mechanism, housings (right and left), the mechanism of the rear support wheels, drawbar with a tower.

— plow is on the main girder five right and five left cases;
— Each case is made with a band blade.
Plough working part:

Рабочий орган оборотного отвального плуга Велес-Агро Рабочий орган оборотного плуга секция ПОН-5-40+1 Велес Агро

The frame is the basic bearing element and serves for the mounting of the assembly units. Consists of square-section beams, which are pivotally attached to each other. On either side of the main beam of the frame is pivotally connected to the rotary blade and the carrier beam. The main bar is also equipped with a diagonal focus, connect the main beam and rear rotary beam. From the side, which is adjacent to the tractor drawbar securely fastening assembly (tower), and on the opposite side — the mechanism of the support wheels and two wheels, contains 5 double hulls.

Its design features allow you to have a number of advantages:

  • Maneuverability: when maximum performance is ensured quick U-turn on a narrow headland.
  • The ability to easily change the widths of the working of the body (33, 38, 44 and 50 cm on each case).
  • The high strength of the plow — a pledge many years of service the unit.
  • Plow handles qualitatively edge fields, and places along ditches and fences.
  • The possibility to transport the plow at high speed without causing the load on the tractor.
  • High wear resistance of working bodies production of «Veles-Agro» provides cost savings plowing.
  • grip width from 165 to 400 cm (quantity korpusov from 5th to 8th);

Proposed plow whose appearance is suitable for use for a smooth plowing of soils for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 35 cm.

Reversible plough